Exterior Doors

Shades or blinds work great on exterior glass doors, however, don’t be afraid of using drapes here. Consider hanging drapery panels on both sides of the door, with a rod fully extending beyond the door width, leaving room for the door to open and close without restriction. When you want more privacy, simply pull the panels completely across.

Bay Windows

For an extra-cozy and stylish look, layer the windows with a designer combo of shades and decorative drapery panels so you can utilize the space in front of the window for seating or built-in storage.

Wall of Windows

If your sunroom or other living spaces are lined with large windows, consider incorporating full height custom drapes installed at natural breaks in the glass or evenly spaced intervals around the room. Extremely tall drape panels are challenging to operate, so add shades or blinds to control your privacy, light, and temperature.

Large Bathroom Window

Water-resistant curtains or shades add stylish color and much needed privacy to an extra-large bathroom window. Look for synthetic fibers, outdoor fabric, or decorative shower curtain fabric to ensure a long life. Shades, curtains, or valances can add visual interest and much needed softness to an otherwise “hard” area of the home.

Stair Windows

Don’t forget to treat your stair windows. Be sure to use custom window treatments that don’t have cords dangling over the stairs or extra drape fabric pooled on the floor, for safety purposes. Unless your neighbors are extremely close, privacy is likely not an issue here so allow as much light as possible to come through the treatment. Using custom drapes on the stairs creates the feeling of an additional finished space in your home. Be sure to include this window in your design plans.

There’s no need to be afraid of treating challenging windows. Be sure to think about the orientation of the room to the sun and how much light control you need, your privacy requirements, and how the treatment needs to operate. Then you will be well on your way to creating an appropriate solution and a custom window treatment that will perfectly finish your space!

Design Team