See how our interior design services in Binghamton created a healthcare office in a classic traditional style, while bringing a feeling of familiarity and comfort to patients……   

We designed this healthcare office in the early 2000’s and it still looks great today! We had the pleasure of working with Dr. Hatala on this new construction facility and designing everything from the lighting plan, custom built-ins, furnishings, materials, finishes, and much more.  

Here are a few more details about this project:

Client Objectives

  • New construction Orthodontics office 
  • Client wanted patients to feel at home in the space (a living room instead of waiting room)
  • Space to represent a sense of community pride
  • Exterior and interior architecture to blend with the surrounding community 

Design Challenge

  • Design a healthcare environment that represents the professionalism of the services provided, a sense of community pride, and a residential feeling typical of the area, while adhering to commercial building, fire, and ADA code   

Design Solutions

Our Licensed Interior Designer in Binghamton implemented multiple design strategies for a comprehensive and cohesive design:

  • Exterior incorporates architectural elements consistent with the surrounding residential neighborhood
  • Traditional wood elements such as baseboard, window and door casing, crown molding, built-in units, and paneled doors representative of typical homes nearby 
  • Use of hardwood floors, area rugs, fireplace, entertainment center, sofas, and wood tables to create living room feeling in waiting room
  • Use of pendants and accent lighting creates a warm glow throughout the space 
  • The operatory walls are filled with memorabilia from local professional sports teams and festivals to create an energetic sense of place and community pride 

As an interior design firm serving Binghamton, NY and beyond, our top objective for every project is for the client to love their space. If you are considering working with a Professional Interior Designer in Binghamton, contact us to schedule your complimentary call.

Design Team